Being black in the USA 

As a black man in the USA should I be afraid of the cops are to exercise my rights in the USA. Are to ride with my children in the car. I should be able to be free but I’m not I have to worry about these things in the USA. It’s crazy that we have to be on the side of the cop but not the victims to violence of the cops. This has to stop. 

13 thoughts on “Being black in the USA ”

  1. All will be well. I don’t know whether this is just a post or your true saying but whatever be the case, I’m brown and I too wish to enter the US. I just pray that coloured people like me get proper treatment. All the best to you👍


      1. I can’t believe it. It was a dream to enter the US. If all you’re saying is true then, my dream will not come true. Can you elaborate on what you wrote? Please.


      2. If you black and born in the USA you gets no love if you come from another country they welcome you with open arms they will treat someone from another country better then the blacks that’s here

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      3. But why? Don’t use the word black. We’re all global citizens. Why is there discrimination even after having a president who had a dark complexion? I believe things will change.


      4. I use the word black because I’m black and I been treated like I’m black sense I been in the USA my ancestors was brought to this land and been treated like animals sense we been here did you get took from your land no but black Africans did

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      5. Time has changed. I guess it’s time to stop calling ourselves Indians or Americans or even Africans. As I said, we’re global citizens. I’m sure things will improve for you too.
        I mean, US has already had a coloured president and many of the successful people are coloured too.
        I know that things have been tough for you.
        They’ve been tough for my grandfather and his family too when they were forced to leave their country, ancestral property and everything else and come to India. There was no colour difference. It was religion that did all of it.
        I read somewhere that there is a destructive urge in humans to humiliate, loot, plunder and what not and until all of humanity without exception, undergoes a metamorphosis, wars will continue to be waged and all that has been carefully grown and cultivated will be destroyed,only to start all over again.
        I guess, our families have been through tough situations. So, we should try our best to avoid differences.
        If the ones around us discriminate, it’s their problem.
        We’re children of this planet and it doesn’t matter whether we’re black, brown, yellow or white. Nature treats everyone equally. We create differences. Who are we to do that? All will be well.


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