Life is what you make we say but how do you make something from nothing ? Especially being black in the USA I was born in east Oakland California. By my grandma who was a strong black woman from Arkansa and she tried to raise me and my siblings to the best of her ability. I’m saying all this to say growing up was ruff not easy at all. I want to know why are black men looked at as targets. I knew I was a target when I was 7 years old I was put in juvenile jail for breaking into my elementary school. But the question is did I need to experiment that whole jail thing. No I just needed someone to tell me this is not the right thing to do. Maybe the cop could of told me that but no your black and your in the ghetto so we need to make sure we billed a record on you not help you so you want get a record but let’s make sure you get that. And by them putting me in jail they created a monster. At that time in my life I’m 37 today don’t live in Oakland. Tell me what you guys think of my little blog.

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