The skin I walk in

It’s crazy to walk in this skin for 37 years as a black man in the USA. From a poor up bringing I wonder why my grand mother was so upset. And as I got older I seen the conditions blacks was in I said to myself I wouldn’t be happy to be here to continue to be in the conditions that was designed for blacks coming from the south of Arkansa looking for a better way to get from. The kkk south but when they got to Oakland California. They had a new kkk and they didn’t wear sheets on their heads they wore suits and talk to my grand mother like the dumb black lady she was and acted like they was there to help her but they put her In the ghetto. So where was she to raise her children in the ghetto where blacks where labeled dumb niggers. And couldn’t go to the white schools are in there neighborhoods. And this is still going on in the skin I’m in so ask yo self USA what do we need to do about this because at the end of the day this is my skin that you look at in a very different way it’s been going on for centuries and it needs to stop I have children now so what does a dad that never had a dad tell his children that’s growing up in the USA. We are broken people who have been brought up around broken people that have never been taught how to be fixed. 

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