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So do we lie to are black African American children?I ask this question because I never knew the system meaning the hood the block the jails the prisons so I ask do we lie to the youth I say no tell the truth tell them how the system makes millions of dollars off of them tell them how the school to prison pipe line is real I would know I was part of that system and it effects me to this day I never did anything violent in my life but till this day my Second amendment rights are gone do to this system that. Was designed for black folks to ever have a second amendment right but I will not let another black child suffer the way I did so let’s save the youth and tell the truth 

The kkk

Should the kkk be labeled as a terrorist group they been killing blacks for centuries they are the cops today the judge the da you see they just don’t wear the sheet in public anymore but they are alive and present and they still have private meetings but it’s funny how in 2016 blacks want to stand up against unjust in the USA we are labeled terrorist groups of any sort but why not the kkk? Afrikans in the USA have been putting up for this way to long how much more should we take I ask this question to white Americans in the USA what should we do should we still be saying yes master no master it looks like this the time we in so I ask should the kkk be labeled a terrorist group 


I question that word was America built on peace hell no so why when something happens to blacks in the USA we have to shut up and be peaceful. Peacefully protest. Peacefully walk down the street drive in are cars same thing that was going on in slavery be a good nigger are suffer what will happen to you your in the ghetto be happy but every body in the ghetto ant happy we are broken people that has been brought up by broken people. So how do you help broken people we are not supposed to be upset of what’s been going on for ever to us just be a good old nigger 

Should blacks be upset 

I ask this question to whom it may concern. He’ll yeah blacks should be up set in the USA but the USA wants us to be in fear for centuries we was told that we should be good niggers but what times are we living in its 2016 but we will stand up for are freedom by any means necessary we will not live in fear in the USA I walk in this black skin every day proudly so to my black Afrikans to be scared to live in the USA where we was brought here from Afrika so be black and proud I stand tall for us love you my Afrikans 

Don’t forget the pass

So how should blacks feel about the way we still are being treated in the USA?are we still on the plantation be a good nigger at all times we don’t have rights in the USA but why do we still feel like we are on the plantation? Do what you’re told are the cops will lose control. I’m tried of this as a black man in the USA when will this stop in the USA? 

The skin I walk in

It’s crazy to walk in this skin for 37 years as a black man in the USA. From a poor up bringing I wonder why my grand mother was so upset. And as I got older I seen the conditions blacks was in I said to myself I wouldn’t be happy to be here to continue to be in the conditions that was designed for blacks coming from the south of Arkansa looking for a better way to get from. The kkk south but when they got to Oakland California. They had a new kkk and they didn’t wear sheets on their heads they wore suits and talk to my grand mother like the dumb black lady she was and acted like they was there to help her but they put her In the ghetto. So where was she to raise her children in the ghetto where blacks where labeled dumb niggers. And couldn’t go to the white schools are in there neighborhoods. And this is still going on in the skin I’m in so ask yo self USA what do we need to do about this because at the end of the day this is my skin that you look at in a very different way it’s been going on for centuries and it needs to stop I have children now so what does a dad that never had a dad tell his children that’s growing up in the USA. We are broken people who have been brought up around broken people that have never been taught how to be fixed. 

Dallas cop killing 

Blacks get killed all the time by cops so should blacks be happy that the five cops got killed? I don’t know it’s funny how the shoe could be on the other foot so fast. But blacks should just peacefully protest don’t get upset that a black man was killed in his car reaching for his permit for his gun to show this crazy cop that decided to shoot him in front of a child. So that child will never be right but is anyone upset about that of a black child in the USA that went through this trama I have children so I feel for this child. But do the USA no they worried about some cops life that singed up for this job. So let’s save the youth and tell the truth. 

First Friday 

So I took my son to the zoo with his daycare. It was a very nice outing he’s two years old and he just wanted to run every where. He road the train with his class mates love to see him having a blast. So my Friday is starting off right. Now back to reality I don’t know if I should feel some way about the five cops that got killed because when black men women and children get killed by cops no one seems to care the judge the da no one cares because these cops are allowed to go kill more blacks in the USA. So let’s make things on the same platform for everyone blacks are tired of being treated like a animals  in the USA.